Germany Moving Towards Groundbreaking Autonomous Vehicle Legislation

We’re always having to take any word about autonomous vehicles with a grain of salt. Maybe they’ll be better in a few month, or a few years, but what about if they aren’t allowed for civilian use because of legislators? Germany has decided to tackle that question head on. The Transportation Ministry recently gave some … Read more

Tesla News: German Man Orders 28 Model 3s Totaling $1.5 Million- Oops

Germany has recently set a path for hardcore eco-friendly recovery from shutdown, with their gigantic initiatives aiming at selling more electric cars. Looking to save a several thousand euro on a new Model 3, a dad quickly made a big mistake. Thankfully for us, his son, U/Ballon-Man on Reddit, made a TIFU post outlining the … Read more

All Gas Stations In Germany Are Getting EV Chargers

We wrote the other day about a new German plan to increase incentives and subsidies for electric vehicles. While doubling the financial incentives around the purchase of eco-friendly cars, the government also looked to increase gas-taxes in the upcoming year. As many detractors will point out, the charging infrastructure isn’t quite there in most countries … Read more

Germany Gets Giant €130 Billion EV-Incentivizing Stimulus Package

As the virus lockdown has obliterated new car sales around the globe, and many auto dealerships are only beginning to reopen, Germany has taken a drastic step in the right direction. With a new €130 billion stimulus initiative, Chancellor Angela Merkel and Finance Minister Olaf Scholz have signed off on the doubling down of electric … Read more