Tesla News: Elon Musk Goes Back On Cybertruck Changes

It’s a difficult dance to calibrate your expectations back-and-forth to the tune of Elon Musk’s fiddle. This newest change, which came during a weekend tweet, hit no differently. At least, initially. The Tesla CEO, who has been hyping their futuristic new vehicle in tweets and trailers for this Wednesday’s episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, made … Read more

Tesla News: Elon Stands On Cybertruck, Details Production Changes To Jay Leno

This coming Wednesday, on the same day that SpaceX will be launching its Crewed Dragon into low-earth orbit, Jay Leno’s Garage will be airing a much anticipated Cybertruck episode. In the build up of what will undoubtedly be their most watched feature, they’ve put out a new teaser trailer. In it, Musk talks about the … Read more