Tesla News: German Man Orders 28 Model 3s Totaling $1.5 Million- Oops

Germany has recently set a path for hardcore eco-friendly recovery from shutdown, with their gigantic initiatives aiming at selling more electric cars. Looking to save a several thousand euro on a new Model 3, a dad quickly made a big mistake. Thankfully for us, his son, U/Ballon-Man on Reddit, made a TIFU post outlining the … Read more

Tesla News: Model 3 Gets Awesome Off-Road Treatment by Germany’s Delta 4×4

What happens when a Norwegian with a rough commute contacts the German off-roading company, Delta 4×4, asking for help? Well they take the best-selling car in Norway, the Tesla Model 3, and they give it some true grit. This iconic electric car is not well suited for the Nordic terrain. The Tesla’s batteries situated deep … Read more

Tesla News: TikTok User Shows New Model 3 Spaghetti Mode

I’m always blown away by what Tesla adds to their vehicles with OTA updates. First it was video games, then it was performance upgrades. Now, it’s what we’re unofficially calling “Spaghetti Mode.” TikTok user @londonlaz has filmed a demonstration using his “mom’s” Model 3. We’re not sure if this has rolled out to all Model … Read more

Tesla News: Model 3 Beats Porsche Taycan in 311-Mile Race

Ah, the endurance race, what a classic means of testing the superiority of vehicles. While one may assume that endurance races and electric cars don’t mix, because of range, that’s not the case at all. In fact, the “Ignitis ON: get to know Lithuania!” caters specifically to EV owners. This year, both a Porsche Taycan … Read more

Tesla News: Hackers Unlock Performance Upgrades Start Selling Them At A Discount

It’s been fated to happen, ever since Tesla unlocked more range and performance for the first time via OTA update. Now it has happened, a hacker has found out how to get around Tesla and push the upgrades themselves. A shop out of Quebec, Canada, has released a way to plug into a Tesla’s MCU, … Read more

Watch This Corvette C8 Drag Race A Tesla Model 3

You know how there seems to be an endless supply of real-estate investors with Youtube channels, all focused on how to make your first million? Well occasionally those kinds of guys make really cool decisions with their passive income. One said Youtuber, Chandler David Smith, recently bought another real-estate Youtuber, The Stradman’s, Corvette C8. Naturally, … Read more