Take A Look At All The Continuous Changes Made To Teslas Over The Years

It’s hard to believe that the Model S has been out for almost a decade now, first releasing in 2012. Since then, we’ve seen some big changes in the flagship electric-sedan. Notably the Raven powertrain, the grill, and the seats. But there are more changes that, as Sandy Munro and others have been pointing out … Read more

Tesla Model 3 UK’s Top Selling Car In April Despite Abismal Global Auto Sales

The Tesla Model 3 topped charts in the UK last month, selling nearly 700 models out of a total 4,321 of vehicles leaving British dealerships. The amount of Tesla’s sold speaks volumes, especially since auto-dealerships were essentially all closed for the month. To put it in perspective, car sales dropped by 97% year-over-year, but EVs … Read more