Tesla News: Model S and X Part of Secret “Project Palladium” Design Refresh

Raven, Roadrunner, and now Palladium. These are all codes from Tesla secret projects to make their cars extremely competitive. According to a report from Electrek, the new Project Palladium has the goal of refreshing the Model S and Model X. In 2019, Tesla gave their Model S and X a new powertrain called Raven. It … Read more

Watch A Tesla P100D Drag Race A Ferrari F12

Sometimes, performance is the main metric concerning a prospective car buyer. If they have unlimited cash, they would buy the quickest car around. Increasingly, that’s looking like a one-sided competition between electric and traditional cars. In a recent upload from Youtuber, ICSI, we can see a Tesla Model S P100D, race down a quarter-mile track … Read more

Take A Look At All The Continuous Changes Made To Teslas Over The Years

It’s hard to believe that the Model S has been out for almost a decade now, first releasing in 2012. Since then, we’ve seen some big changes in the flagship electric-sedan. Notably the Raven powertrain, the grill, and the seats. But there are more changes that, as Sandy Munro and others have been pointing out … Read more