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    New Update For Tesla Models X and S – 2018.6.1

    A new update has just been released for those of you who own a Tesla Model S or X. This latest update is called 2018.6.1 and includes a couple of new/updated features that are all explained by our friend Erik who runs a YouTube channel called, DÆrik. Now, you can now change your tyre pressure units […] More

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    Audi Takes Aim At Tesla With Their Own EV Platform

    Scootch over, Tesla; it seems Audi wants a piece of the EV pie now as well! In a press release today from Volkswagen (Audi’s parent company), it was revealed that they increasing their production capacity for electric vehicles. VW is making electric motors a big part of their philosophy moving forward: “electric motors instead of […] More

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    Tesla’s Consumer Reports Rating Drops Due To Brake Software Issue

    Tesla is running into some hot water with Consumer Reports over a failure to update the software for certain versions of the Model S and Model X. The update in questions would have enabled automatic emergency braking for Model S and Xs build since October of last year. Other vehicles with Automatic Emergency Braking have […] More