Tesla Begins Model Y Deliveries For Chinese Market

Delvieries of the Tesla Model Y have officially started in Shanghai, China early yesterday morning. The customers of the all-electric crossover were notified of the delivery event via email over the weekend, and were told that it would take place at the Minghang Tesla Center in Shanghai. As noted by Tesla, these deliveries will help … Read more

Hacker ‘Green’ Spills The Beans On Tesla’s Model Y Extra Upgrades

A leak from Tesla’s software reveals a line up of extra upgrades to its less-than-a-year electric SUV Model Y. Hacker “Green” speculated Tesla is adding an efficiency package for Model Y. Just a month ago, Tesla announced additional range enhancements for both Model Y versions. The Tesla Model Y Long Range Dual mother increased from … Read more

Tesla News: Model Y Added To Referral Program

In an interesting development, Tesla has amended their referral program to include their newest car, the Model Y. Although, the referral program already has Tesla’s other products included, the inclusion of such a new car may signal weaker sales than expected. The crossover electric vehicle was barely getting its production ramped up before the pandemic … Read more

Take A Look At All The Continuous Changes Made To Teslas Over The Years

It’s hard to believe that the Model S has been out for almost a decade now, first releasing in 2012. Since then, we’ve seen some big changes in the flagship electric-sedan. Notably the Raven powertrain, the grill, and the seats. But there are more changes that, as Sandy Munro and others have been pointing out … Read more