Tesla News: Model 3 Beats Porsche Taycan in 311-Mile Race

Ah, the endurance race, what a classic means of testing the superiority of vehicles. While one may assume that endurance races and electric cars don’t mix, because of range, that’s not the case at all. In fact, the “Ignitis ON: get to know Lithuania!” caters specifically to EV owners. This year, both a Porsche Taycan … Read more

An Electric Forklift Motor In A Suzuki Hayabusa Motorcycle Absolutely Shreds

Most people would never assume there was power to be gained from swapping out a Suzuki Hayanusa crotch-rocket’s 1.3L inline-four engine with the motor from a forklift. However, some wild Danes did exactly that, and lucky for us, Youtuber Snooken Recordings was able to film their creation on the drag strip. The owners of the … Read more

Watch A Tesla P100D Drag Race A Ferrari F12

Sometimes, performance is the main metric concerning a prospective car buyer. If they have unlimited cash, they would buy the quickest car around. Increasingly, that’s looking like a one-sided competition between electric and traditional cars. In a recent upload from Youtuber, ICSI, we can see a Tesla Model S P100D, race down a quarter-mile track … Read more