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    German Dealership Offering Free Renault Zoe EV

    We’ve been talking a lot lately about the recent German tax breaks around electric vehicles. The Covid recovery plan gives around 10k to anyone looking to buy an EV in the country. Taking it to a whole new level, Autohaus-Koenig, a large German car dealership, has started offering a free Renault Zoe EV to prospective […] More

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    Renault See Reassuring Surge in ZOE EV Sales

    Since lockdown, the global car market has been practically decimated. One silver lining, is that many electric cars are selling comparatively well for brands that have them as an option. France’s Renault is no exception. Their ZOE model has sold a respectable 17,650 units so far this year. That’s nearly twice as many as it […] More

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    Renault Chairman Warns About Chinese EV Competition In Parliamentary Meeting

    We’ve been seeing a massive gap in the affordable-EV market, where China and it’s manufacturing companies have been eager to sneak in and fill that void. Whether it’s blatant ripoffs of Tesla vehicles, more original creations, or Chinese investments in European production, the country has been bending over backwards to make sure it’s on the […] More