Tesla News: Lawsuit Claims Rivian Stealing Trade Secrets Via New Hires

Tesla did a lot of trailblazing in the field of electric cars and self-driving, as a result, they feel very defensive about their IP. In the past, they’ve sued Chinese company Xpeng for the alleged theft of software. Now, they are filing suit against Rivian, the electric truck startup, claiming they are stealing secrets by … Read more

Rivian Announces Large Move to California with Production in Illinois Imminent

As Tesla looks to leave the state of California behind, due to a lack of cooperation between regulators and the automaker, another rising EV star has decided to do just the opposite. Rivian, the company behind the upcoming R1 range of electric trucks, has announced a plan to consolidate its design teams in California. Right … Read more

Rivian Hires Ex-Tesla Charging Infrastructure Experts To Deploy Their Own Network

Tesla took an early strategy of expanding on their Supercharger network, which payed off in a massive way. What they didn’t expect, was someone coming along with something much better than a “Supercharger Network,” an “Adventure Network.” That’s what Rivian thinks at least. With the upcoming release of their R1T and R1S truck and SUV, … Read more

Ford Axes Lincoln EV Co-Development With Rivian

  After investing $500 Million dollars in EV-startup Rivian, Ford has decided to cancel its plans to launch a Lincoln SUV powered by their electric powertrain. Lincoln announced the shelving of plans Tuesday, while qualifying that they and Ford still intend to develop electric vehicles in the future, just not this particular model. The decision … Read more