Tesla Roadster Release Pushed Back To 2021

It’s maybe not a surprise to some that the Tesla Roadster has been delayed until 2022 after it was promised that the all-electri hypercar’s production was to begin in 2020. It you hadn’t been paying attention, and while it definitely doesn’t feel like it, it’s now 2021 and we’re still yet to see anything come … Read more

Tesla News: Artist Renders Awesome Roadster 0-60 Rocket Launch

Prepare yourself, because what you’re about to see is properly wild. Honestly, it could be considered upsetting, because it will certainly shake up the “cars that go fast in a straight line” segment of the internet. Although it isn’t real, CGI artist @Pslavi has created a rendering of how the Tesla Roadster may look while … Read more

Tesla Roadster Competitor Cancelled As BMW Scraps Vision M i8 Replacement

After announcing the BMW Vision M NEXT last year, BMW have officially cancelled any plans to produce the vehicle. It was supposedly intended to both replace the BMW i8, as well as go up against Tesla’s Roadster, as BMW’s plug-in hybrid supercar. This news doesn’t exactly come as a great surprise, as BMW discontinued the … Read more