Texas Now Houses the Largest Solar Farm in the USA The Samson Solar

Chicago’s Invenergy recently declared its most ambitious project yet, a 1,310-megawatt solar farm located in the north of Texas. Once complete, The Samson Solar Energy Center will be the USA’s largest solar project. Invenergy, one of the world’s innovators on green energy generation and storage, sees The Samson Solar in full operation in 2023 and … Read more

Tesla News: Incentives for Solar Referrals Increased Now Includes Powerwall

Tesla has been trying to make their energy products front and center of their offerings. The company recently improved their panels, while reducing their cost, without even making a big deal of it. Since they’ve introduced the option to pay for their solar by subscription, they’ve also started seeing more customers and referrals. Previously, that … Read more

Tesla News: Cybertruck Gets Expanding Solar Panels in Intriguing Video

Right when you start getting hyped about different electric trucks, something about the Cybertruck inevitably pulls you back in. The cultural dynamo will no doubt only get better before its release, but this newest feature would blow all of our minds. Even though solar-roofed cars have been dismissed in the past, by Telsa themselves even, … Read more

Tesla News: Solar Roof Reservations are Cancelled Years After $1,000 Deposits

In 2017, Elon Musk announced the revolutionary Tesla Roof system. Customers flocked to place $1,000 deposits. It would be the end-all-be-all for solar energy production, and with their Tesla Powerpack, the home would soon be freed from the confines of grid energy. At least we hoped. Now, it’s been about three years, and that has … Read more

This Solar Yacht Could Find You Sailing The Seas Utility-Free For $500,000

Forget an Earthship home or some Tesla roof, I want to sail the open seas, like Kevin Costner. The only problem, I’m terrified of maintaining a boat! Well, Singaporean yacht company, Azura Marine may just have that taken care of, with their new Aquanima 40, a solar-powered, battery-amended catamaran. These unlimited-range vessels cover their entire … Read more

Ford Patents Inflatable Rooftop Solar Panels

Okay Elon Musk, prepare yourself, because the geniuses (plural) at Ford Global Technologies, LLC. are taking inflatables to a whole new level. They have recently patented a large inflatable solar-cell arrangement, which drops down from a stowage state to a tensioned state, thereby allowing for more solar real-estate. In their patent application, it appears as … Read more

Tesla News: Partnership With Sunrun Solar Means Way More Powerwall Installations

In a recent announcement, the US’s largest solar installation company Sunrun, has stated they now will be offering their customers the option of adding Tesla Powerwalls to their home’s solar systems.  This is big news for both companies, as Tesla, which formerly was the largest solar provider in the states, took a back seat to … Read more