Elon Musk Promises Starship Will To Fly Humans To Mars In 2026

CEO Elon Musk says he is “highly confident” that SpaceX will launch his first Starship journey to Mars as early as 2026 – almost exactly six years from now.  Announced as part of an interview at the 2020 Axel Springer Awards show in Germany, Musk’s recent statements indicate a significant move forward in the confidence and excitement that SpaceX is taking in the growth of its Starship program.  Elon Musk sticks with his 2026 target for SpaceX landing humans on Mars: September 2016 – "If things go super well, it might be kind of in the 10 year timeframe" December 2020 – "6 years from now, I think highly confident"https://t.co/zidhCwmguo — Michael Sheetz (@thesheetztweetz) December 1, 2020   … Read more

Tesla News: ‘Spaceship’ Added To Future Products According To New Job Description

Tesla has hinted at a future tie-in with SpaceX after an advert for a senior vehicle designer role hinted at the task of “spaceship design”. This comes after we’ve seen an increase in overlap between the two Elon Musk-owned companies as they begin to share resources and staff. Now, this advert is hinting to even … Read more

This Cybertruck Six-Wheeled Rover Would Be Fantastic For Tesla’s Moon Trip

SpaceX and Tesla are to companies, what peanut butter and chocolate are to my mouth. By that, I mean they make some sweet combinations. For instance, the Tesla Model X that astronauts used to shuttle to the Crewed Dragon launch the other week. It’s inevitable that once Tesla gets to the Moon, and then Mars, … Read more

Watch The Live Feed Of SpaceX Crewed Dragon Make History

Update: In a day for the history books, Falcon 9 has successfully launched the Crewed Dragon, Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley into LEO. They will now pilot the capsule for 19 hours before connecting to the International Space Station. After the disappointing abort of Thursday’s launch of the historic Crewed Dragon launch, 3:22 pm today … Read more

Tesla News: After The Delay Of SpaceX Flight, Elon Musk Hangs Out At Supercharger With Tesla Owners

Elon Musk went out to rub elbows with some Tesla owners and fans in West Melbourne, Florida yesterday. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO was in town because of an aborted Crewed-Dragon launch that happened yesterday. Musk showed up to a Tesla Supercharger about 45 minutes from the Kennedy Space Center, where the launch was set … Read more

Tesla News: Check Out The Official New NASA Model X

In anticipation of the historic crewed-dragon capsule launch, planned for May 27, Jim Bridenstine, NASA administrator, tweeted a sneak peak of a cool custom Model X. This isn’t some simple civilian vehicle, it’s actually going to act as a shuttle, carrying astronauts down the runway before launch. The two astronauts who will pilot the SpaceX … Read more