Tesla News: V3 Superchargers Ramping Up Production For Deployment

Back in the day, Tesla stressed the importance of 95-100% coverage of their markets with their exclusive Supercharger network. While early adopters had the perk of unlimited free charging, something that went away as more people bought electric cars, the network was pivotal in Tesla’s expansion. At one point, Tesla had the goal of deploying … Read more

Tesla News: After The Delay Of SpaceX Flight, Elon Musk Hangs Out At Supercharger With Tesla Owners

Elon Musk went out to rub elbows with some Tesla owners and fans in West Melbourne, Florida yesterday. The Tesla and SpaceX CEO was in town because of an aborted Crewed-Dragon launch that happened yesterday. Musk showed up to a Tesla Supercharger about 45 minutes from the Kennedy Space Center, where the launch was set … Read more