Tesla Registers As Power Utility In UK

  As many eagerly await their Tesla Solar Glass roofs and Powerwalls, the company has gone the extra mile and applied to the UK’s Gas and Electricity Markets Authority. At first glance, this application for approval to operate as a utility provider seems related to their home solar and battery solutions. However, while that wouldn’t … Read more

Tesla’s Stock Plummets Following Musk’s Strange Tweets… Yet Again

  Buckle up, because a series of strange tweets from Elon Musk just erased billions of dollars from Tesla’s recent stock gains. After many exciting developments for the automaker this week, which posted surprising earnings for Q1, the pendulum was bound to swing in the other direction. As history tends to repeat itself, the cause … Read more

Tesla Shares Jump Nearly 10% After Earnings Despite COVID

In a total gangbuster move, Tesla has announced surprising earnings and production levels this quarter, despite the global pandemic and economic turmoil devastating their competitors. The company stated that they are at a level of production capacity to exceed half a million deliveries this year, which was what they estimated before Covid-19 interrupted production in … Read more