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    Nikola Starts Taking $5,000 Reservations for Their Badger Pickup

    We all love some electric vehicle competition, but that doesn’t mean any mention of Nikola won’t stir up some debate about the hydrogen-truck manufacturer. Their Badger pickup wasn’t going to be made, until CEO, Trevor Milton, decided he didn’t like the Cybertruck. Now, they’re taking reservations of $5,000, even though a prototype still hasn’t been […] More

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    Lordstown Motors To Unveil Endurance Pickup Truck Later This Month

    Not much has been revealed of the finalized Lordstown Endurance Pickup. Now, CEO Steve Burns is telling us that the production version of the truck will be revealed in an online event later this month. We know that the EV has a reported 600 horsepower, coming from four in-wheel motors. These will apparently allow the […] More