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    Tesla News: Elon Musk Flies To UK As Factory Rumors Swirl

    We recently found out that Tesla has been looking at a several hundred acre plot of land in the UK. From a report last week, based on real-estate whispers, was pointing towards a site in the southwest of Bristol, which would fit the bill for a UK Gigafactory. After these rumors got started, we now […] More

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    UK Scrappage Scheme Would Mean £6,000 To Replace An ICE Car With Electric

    According to The Telegraph, Boris Johnson and the UK government is looking at July 6 as a possible announcement date for a massive scrappage scheme to help restart the country’s economy. The plan would jump-start the fledgling automotive industry in the most environmentally conscious way possible. European countries such as Germany, France, and Sweden, look […] More

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    Tesla News: Rumors Swirl Around Possible UK Plant

    Tesla has been expanding their manufacturing all around the globe, with their Gigafactories popping up in China, Germany, and soon the central US. Famed for their scale and the speed with which they’re constructed, the companies new factories will hopefully flood their respective continents with lower cost Tesla vehicles. However, the United Kingdom has a […] More