Tesla News: TikTok User Shows New Model 3 Spaghetti Mode

I’m always blown away by what Tesla adds to their vehicles with OTA updates. First it was video games, then it was performance upgrades. Now, it’s what we’re unofficially calling “Spaghetti Mode.” TikTok user @londonlaz has filmed a demonstration using his “mom’s” Model 3. We’re not sure if this has rolled out to all Model … Read more

Check Out This Soothing Video Of Tesla Autopilot Driving A Man To Work With Almost No Intervention

Some find Tesla’s long-promised Full Self Driving and Autopilot features questionable. Like all things that come out in a beta format, they can draw a lot of scrutiny for operation errors in their early days. However, you can’t deny the software and hardware that Tesla says will drive us around some day has improved substantially … Read more